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Metric Conversions for Cooking

by Presley Love

For your convenience this page provides tables of metric unit conversions for cooking

Liquid Measure Conversions ~ Ounce to ml

tsp = teaspoon | tbsp = tablespoon | c = cup | pt = pint | qt = quart

1/4 tsp=1 ml
1/2 tsp=2 ml
1 tsp=5 ml
3 tsp=1 tbsp=1/2 fl oz=15 ml
2 tbsp=1/8 cup=1 fl oz=30 ml
4 tbsp=1/4 cup=2 fl oz=60 ml
5 1/3 tbsp=1/3 cup=3 fl oz=80 ml
8 tbsp=1/2 cup=4 fl oz=120 ml
10 tbsp=2/3 cup=5 fl oz=160 ml
12 tbsp=3/4 cup=6 fl oz=180 ml
16 tbsp=1 cup=8 fl oz=240 ml
1 pt=2 cups=16 fl oz=480 ml
1 qt=4 cups=32 fl oz=960 ml
33 fl oz=1000 ml=1 litre

Oven Temperature Conversions ~ Fahrenheit to Celcius

FahrenheitCelsiusGas Mark
Freezing Water Point32° F0° C 
Room Temperature68° F20° C 
Boiling Water Point212° F100° C 
Bake325° F
350° F
375° F
400° F
425° F
450° F
160° C
180° C
190° C
200° C
220° C
230° C
Broil  Grill

Dry Ingredients by Weight

To easily convert ounces to grams – multiply ounce x 30

1 oz=1/16 lb=30 g
4 oz=1/4 lb=120 g
8 oz=1/2 lb=240 g
12 oz=3/4 lb=360 g
16 oz=1 lb=480 g

Equivalents for Different Types of Ingredients

Standard CupFine Powder
(ex. flour)
(ex. rice)
(ex. sugar)
Liquid Solids
(ex. butter)
(ex. milk)
1140 g150 g190 g200 g240 ml
3/4105 g113 g143 g150 g180 ml
2/393 g100 g125 g133 g160 ml
1/270 g75 g95 g100 g120 ml
1/347 g50 g63 g67 g80 ml
1/435 g38 g48 g50 g60 ml
1/818 g19 g24 g25 g30 m

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